Legal Marketing is Unique

Marketing a law firm is different from marketing just about any other type of business. That’s because law firms must strike a fine balance between aggressively promoting their services, while still maintaining a professional brand.

At A.L.T., marketing law firms is what we do.

And we use all the tools at our disposal to develop and deliver customized programs designed to address the legal marketing challenges law firms face…the challenges you face. That means helping law firms of all kinds generate new clients, more revenue from current clients, establish new practice areas, reach out to new target groups and generate more buzz.

Because no two law firms are ever the same, neither can the legal marketing strategies they employ. That is why our approach is always a holistic one, looking at your practice from the broadest view possible to develop marketing programs that address your specific challenges.

It’s an approach that has worked for over 20 years for all kinds of law firms, of all sizes, with all kinds of budgets and from all over the country.

Because the only thing that matters is return on investment, our singular objective is to develop the kinds of materials and programs that will enhance the growth objectives of our clients.