legal marketing to general public


It is critical that the law firm marketing to the general public has a true understanding of what makes it unique versus its competitors. Successful firms know how to articulate exactly what it is that should encourage a potential client to consider their services. It may be the size of the firm, its culture, a more modern approach to working with clients, a more traditional approach to working with clients, its experience in a particular niche area, the qualifications of its attorneys, etc.

As important is having an in-depth understanding of the target market. How does the prospect think? Why does an individual choose one firm over another? What mediums do they consume? What is their real objective in seeking legal services?

For law firms that target the general public, there is almost an unlimited array of alternatives to reach their intended market. Everything from the internet to television and radio, newspapers and magazines, seminars and special events, direct mail, newsletters, etc. are all fair game when it comes to marketing such practices. Much depends on the type of practice it is, the nature of the geographic and demographic markets, and how the firm wishes itself to be portrayed.

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All marketing activities must come together in a carefully developed communications program – regardless of the type of practice being promoted. The most successful of such efforts are those which a) clearly reflect what the firm is truly about, b) highlight the firm’s uniqueness, c) do so in a way that’s meaningful to the target market, d) are conveyed in a manner that breaks through the clutter of competitive messages, e) is integrated across all marketing tools and f) where firm attorneys serve as ambassadors to the community.

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