eNewsletters, email blasts and electronic client alerts/bulletins have a very specific role in the arsenal of marketing tools available to law firms. In particular, they are an effective means for a) highlighting an offer or event, b) developing a database, c) cross-selling services and d) maintaining awareness among clients, prospects and referral sources.

Agency services include:

  • Development of a campaign concept/theme
  • List analysis and procurement
  • Email/eNewsletter design
  • All copy writing
  • Dissemination to all relevant databases
  • Message and list testing
  • Tracking and reporting

Just because eNewsletters are relatively inexpensive to produce, does not mean that serious strategic thought is not required. At A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group, we work with our clients to create the kinds of electronic mail that gets attention, reinforces the firm brand and works in harmony with the firm’s other marketing and business development initiatives.


  • Utilize a high quality database list that is either rented or purchased from an outside broker or that is developed in-house.
  • Make sure the enewsletter conveys the essence of the firm and reinforces its brand.
  • Be certain the eNewsletter complies with accepted internet practices and all bar association guidelines
  • Create an attention-grabbing subject line. Understand that while you may hope your material gets read, not all people may take the time. Hence, the only thing that individual may actually see is the subject line. Make it count.
  • Provide information of value to the reader, keeping content about your firm to a minimum.
  • Leverage your eNewsletter with links to your website, your blog, social media pages and articles you have written.

Disseminate your eNewsletter on a regular basis. It is only in seeing the firm’s name repeatedly that awareness of the firm is generated and maintained.

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