A web site is only as strong as the visitor traffic it attracts. That is why the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be overstated.

Effective optimization requires careful attention to many factors and how they fit into the ever-changing algorithms of each search engine. At A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group, we develop, monitor, maintain and revise the many disparate elements that determine site placement.

This includes:

  • Keyword identification and placement
  • Content development
  • Internal link building
  • External link building
  • Geo-optimization and local searches
  • Inclusion of social media initiatives
  • Reporting/Tracking

A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group has a proven track record in search engine placement, with efforts garnering as much as 83% greater traffic..

Unlike many SEO providers, our work in this area of legal marketing is customized to the needs of our clients. We do not write generic or duplicate content, nor do we create false, misleading or irrelevant links. Search engine optimization requires hard work and a thorough understanding of the client, its target prospects, the market and online strategies.

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