law firm webinars

Webinars, webcasting and podcasts are essentially on-line presentations that can be targeted towards any audience and facilitate high levels of attorney/client interaction. They are particularly advantageous for when attendees are geographically dispersed or when the subject matter is one where attendees would prefer anonymity (e.g., domestic violence). What’s more, they can be easily archived and posted on the firm web site and or social media pages.

A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group will work with you to:

  • Develop a concept/theme for your presentation
  • Handle all logistical elements
  • Promote your event through all appropriate online and offline means
  • Handle registration details
  • Provide post-event support, communications and follow-up

Law firms today do not need to go through the effort and expense of booking hotels, running ads and blocking out time in order to promote and implement seminars and workshops. On-line opportunities abound to generate exposure, highlight the firm’s expertise in a particular area of the law, develop databases and begin the relationship between attorney and prospect without incurring a great investment.

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