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Knowing where and when to place an ad is as important as its content. Because of that, it is critical to understand how each medium works. This is as true for traditional advertising media such as television, radio, print and outdoor, as it is for placing ads online through directories or industry relevant websites. At A.L.T., we are especially proud of our ability to develop plans adept at reaching many prospects (reach) as well as reaching them numerous times (frequency).

Finally, getting the most out of the firm’s media buy requires tough negotiating for better rates, frequency discounts, more ad units, editorial possibilities and/ or merchandising opportunities. A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group will be your advocate in the media market place, ensuring you receive real value for your media dollar.

Refer to our Media Planning Guide for an outline of some of the benefits and drawbacks of different advertising alternatives.


The decision to implement an advertising effort is most often a function of a number of factors including the area of law to be promoted, the state(s) in which the firm is located, budgetary constraints, as well as any ethical considerations the firm may have.

An effective legal advertising effort affords the law firm the ability to:

  • Provide vital information to its target prospects
  • Control the “What’s,” “When’s” and “Where’s” of the firm’s message
  • Generate mass and/or highly targeted awareness
  • Create/reinforce an overall image
  • Highlight specific areas of expertise
  • Show support for specific issues, causes, non-profit organizations, etc.
  • Promote time sensitive events such as seminars, workshops, etc.

At A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group, we believe that all advertising should be based upon clear strategies that ensure the firm’s message is being effectively conveyed. This means having a full understanding of the firm, its brand, the benefits it provides, its target market as well as any potential communications hurdles that may exist.

"Our working relationsip with A.L.T. has been consistently reliable, creative, dependable and mor -- for over 20 years"
- J.W.

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