law firm marketing strategy

We work with our law firm clients in the planning, implementation and tracking of all growth-oriented initiatives. Marketing plans are living documents that constantly need to be refined for greater efficiency, to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities, and to address challenges that seemingly come from “out-of-the-blue.”

Typical issues that may need to be addressed are:

  • How can the firm leverage new and/or changes in state and federal regulations?
  • What is the best means for launching a satellite office in a new location?
  • What does the hiring of a high profile attorney mean to the marketing of a particular practice area?
  • Should the firm get involved in the latest new social media platform?
  • How might the firm leverage its success on a particular case?
  • How can the firm do a better job of cross-promoting its services among different practice groups?
  • How can the firm offset any inroads made by a competitor?
  • How should the pay-per-click campaign be revised for greater efficiency?
  • What new content should be developed and disseminated on the firm’s web site, social media postings, blogs and newsletters?

These are just a sample of the thousands of questions that can come up at any time. At A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group, we are here to work with you in tackling these challenges and developing the appropriate solutions to address them.

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