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LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks provide attorneys and law firms with two important marketing-related functions. First, they allow legal marketers the opportunity to exhibit thought leadership by getting their names, their opinions and their expertise in front of potential clients and referral sources. Used for this purpose, it is important to have social media sites direct followers, friends and colleagues to either the firm web site and/or blog.

Second, social media is quickly replacing the traditional networking function. When specific procedures are put in place, LinkedIn and other social networks give legal marketers the capability to generate warm leads among vast networks without resorting to cold calling or list purchases. Such leads come through careful cultivation of not just first level connections, but also the connections of these connections. Outreach initiatives to such individuals should be implemented in a systematic manner so that content is generated on an ongoing basis and is integrated with all other elements of the firm’s marketing program. In fact, social media can be a highly targeted vehicle for reaching very specific segments of a population.

In order to be successful, a social media campaign can take up a considerable amount of time. Sometimes, law firms feel they cannot afford to invest that time. That is why at A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group, we will work with your attorneys to:

  • Write winning profiles and dynamic company pages
  • Develop regular content
  • Identify and join relevant target groups
  • Direct prospects to the online material you want them to see
  • Disseminate posts to all relevant social media platforms
  • Train firm attorneys and staff on how best to utilize the various platforms
  • Help you generate warm leads

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