As a practice that targets the general public, the law firm concentrating on family law has a wide range of marketing options. Depending on the geographical area, the demographics, the firm’s budget, etc., a family law practice can utilize any combination of magazine, newspaper, radio and cable TV advertising. In short, because family issues are not limited to any age or economic status group, any vehicle that reaches a mass audience, will, in all likelihood prove effective. On-line programs also make good sense.

Less effective are those marketing vehicles (postcards, email blasts,) that directly target the individual. There is no list of those “contemplating” divorce and family issues are so fraught with emotion, that the dissemination of a communication to a particular person runs numerous risks, not the least of which is domestic violence. Nevertheless, there are ways in which the family law practice can still build a database. For more information, read "Generating Prospect Names for the Family Law Practice".

Because the whole topic of divorce and separation can be so intimidating, one of the best strategies to employ is demystifying the process. Offering seminars, free booklets, writing articles on relevant topics, creating a web site that’s a portal of helpful information can a) generate great deals of exposure in a very professional manner, b) underscore credibility in this area of the law, c) offer the “consumer” an opportunity to get to “know” the attorney(s) in a risk-free manner, and d) come across as caring and compassionate.

Learn more about the advantages and drawbacks of marketing activities for law firms here.

Another topic worth considering is the determination as to what the “selling” message will be. There are some family firms that cater primarily to women and others which target men. There are some firms that promote an aggressive “take no prisoners” approach, while others are more balanced in how they make their appeal. Knowing who your prospects are and what your target wants are key elements for success. Are your clients seeking the most that they can out of their settlement or litigation? Do they just want to get through it and move on with their lives as quickly as possible? At A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group, we have the experience, the knowledge and the resources to help you determine your firm’s selling message and to develop the appropriate strategies, tactics, and marketing materials.

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