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Attorneys who provide immigration law services to individuals already in or seeking to enter the U.S., begin with a natural point of difference in that they usually represent members of specific ethnic or national groups. This allows for targeting opportunities most other practice areas would envy. Further, by being able to target market so finely, they can also do so more cost effectively.

It’s no secret that members of specific groups tend to live in the same area. This alone makes implementation of pay-per-click, cable TV or billboard initiatives that much easier and cost-efficient. Further, these groups also will frequent the same places of worship, share similar concerns and have similar legal needs. This too offers the immigration law practitioner a unique opportunity to utilize media that other practitioners might find ineffective – ads in church publications, sponsorships of local festivals and sporting events, scholarships for area students, speaking appearances in local venues, etc.

Because members of ethnic and religious groups rely on one another for information and referrals, the more the immigration law practitioner can be a part of the community, the more successful his or her marketing initiatives will be. This is particularly true given that immigration matters are often ongoing, meaning that new clients will usually become “repeat” business.

In addition to staying on top of trends and statutes within the realm of immigration law, it is also important to remain cognizant of the news events happening “back home.” Providing counsel or legal information within the context of real live events makes that practitioner more relevant and seemingly indispensable to the client.

It should be noted that directly marketing to immigrant populations may only be one of the immigration law practitioner’s targets. Another is businesses that hire foreign workers. There are many strategies for marketing legal services to specific businesses and industries.

Finally, it often makes sense to market to the local legal community – those attorneys who focus on different areas of the law. Everyone, regardless of whether they are a U.S. citizen, an individual seeking asylum, a short-term visitor or are here on a work visa, still require services in the areas of family law, bankruptcy, real estate law, personal injury, etc. Hence, attorneys who provide such services are excellent sources of referrals, meaning that when appropriate, the immigration law attorney should also offer such referrals in reverse as well.

In taking the approach described above, it is critical to allocate the appropriate resources to make the conversion process from prospect to actual client as easy as possible. If the target group speaks a particular foreign language, immigration law practices should develop their web sites in both English and that second language. Similarly, there should be staff members who can speak in that tongue as well.

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