Notification campaigns inform potential members of a “class” that they may be entitled to an award for damages of which they may or may not be aware. This type of communication is most often court mandated and is not sponsored or a part of any law firm’s own marketing efforts.

That being said, many of the points outlined to the right still hold true. In developing a notification program, it is critical to truly know the intended target audience; marketing should be aggressive and in fact, may be legally mandated to meet specific coverage and frequency criteria; the message must be extremely clear, and tracking results will almost certainly be required. As a class action notification is not a part of any law firm’s marketing domain, branding and the image/qualities of the law firms involved may have little or no bearing on the nature of these types of communications programs.

Some of the class action or notification cases in which the agency has been involved include Met Life, Firestone Tires, the Swiss Banks, the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance claims and Royal Ahold.

legal marketing specific cases

Marketing for specific cases is very different than marketing a law firm, a particular practice group or an individual attorney. This is because marketing for a specific type of case depends upon the nature of the target audience. For example, the law practice seeking to attract those with mesothelioma will no doubt take a different approach than one seeking to garner cases in which an elderly individual has been subject to nursing home abuse.

In developing a program seeking to attract a particular type of case, there are some basic things to consider:

  • Know your target market. This means not just understanding them demographically, but psychologically as well. Why should they hire an attorney? Why might they be reticent in doing so? What type of person fits into this target group? What types of media do they consume?
  • Market aggressively. Make sure that in whatever way you choose to promote your services, that the target audience is exposed to your message numerous times. If this proves too costly, consider limiting your target geographically.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your brand. Law firms that are well-known and stand for something will have an easier time attracting specific types of clients.
  • Develop a clear and concise selling message. Headlines should draw the target in immediately. Communicate the possibility of a legitimate concern and the legal steps that may be taken in light of this.
  • Track results. Because the marketing will be highly targeted, it is important that one understands from where leads are coming. That way, ensuing efforts can be tweaked for greater cost effectiveness.

Some examples in which the agency has helped its clients obtain cases of a specific type include those related to:

  • Mesothelioma / Asbestos
  • De Puy Hip Replacements
  • Vaginal Mesh Nursing
  • Home Abuse
  • Baycol
  • Truck Accidents

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