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A law firm’s corporate identification should be a manifestation of its positioning in the legal marketplace. This means that its logo, tag line, stationery, brochures, etc. should all reflect the essence of the firm. For example, if a law practice prides itself on its rich history and tradition, its firm materials should convey these attributes. Similarly, if a law firm wants to communicate that it is “state-of-the-art,” then the copy and visual elements of its marketing materials should speak to these characteristics as well. The same holds true whether a firm is seeking to leverage its size (large or small), the educational backgrounds of its attorneys, the price/value relationship of its services, its focus on a particular area of the law, its compassionate approach, etc.

Developing the law firm logos, taglines, stationery, etc. is often the most challenging aspect of the entire marketing process. This is because:

  • Elements of the Corporate ID must present an accurate portrayal of the firm, its philosophy and its reason for being
  • Communication of the firm’s brand must be delivered with a minimum of words and/or design elements
  • Unlike most other marketing elements, the firm will be wed to these materials for a considerable period of time

A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group has worked with law firms of all sizes throughout the country on developing firm materials that underscore and enhance their individual brands. We will work with our clients to not just write copy and design logos, but also to facilitate their understanding of what it is that makes their organization unique. This inevitably produces the best work.

Law is a competitive field. Yet by accurately communicating its essence, the smart law firm can stand out from the crowd.

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