Short of the attorneys themselves, the web site is the law firm’s single most important way in which it represents itself. Many, if not most prospects and clients will, at some point find their way to this site. Therefore it is paramount that its pages:

  • Reflect the essence of the firm, its mission and its brand
  • Integrate with the rest of the firm’s marketing materials
  • Be highly informative
  • Be highly readable and user friendly
  • Be responsive to the device on which it is being displayed (mobile-friendly)
  • Where possible, be interactive

At A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group, we work with our law firm clients in a systematic manner to ensure that each site meets all of the aforementioned criteria. This process includes:

  • Development of an overall theme that integrates with the firm’s brand/image
  • Creation of a site structure best suited for each particular firm’s online and mobile requirements
  • Domain naming
  • Keyword Identification (for search engine optimization purposes)
  • Content Development (in the form of copy, video, slide shows, etc.)
  • Design
  • HTML coding and tagging
  • Securing of hosting and domain registration
Today, law firm web sites need to be structured and designed for maximum visitor involvement and client conversion opportunities, while at the same time, also maximizing search engine visibility.

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