Legal marketers have always had a difficult challenge when it comes to determining how their marketing and business development initiatives have translated into new revenue. While applications do exist that track the amount of traffic to the firm’s web site, there is nothing available that tracks the return on marketing investment across multi-channel vehicles -- that means on-line, off-line, interpersonal networking and even word-of-mouth.

But now that's changed.

Because A.L.T. Legal Professionals Marketing Group is proud to announce the launch of ETIOMETRIX MARKETING DIAGNOSTICS.

With Etiometrix, law firms do not need to undergo extensive training or allocate their resources towards data input. We do all of that and provide quarterly reports that highlight return on marketing investment:

  • Through specific marketing and business development activities, including that revenue generated through multi-channels
  • At the firm, practice group and attorney levels
  • Via cross-promotion, internal referrals and non-revenue generating activities
  • For individual attorneys by type of initiative (including interpersonal)
  • Through word-of-mouth
This is information that one would not be able to access anywhere else, that is relevant for the smallest to the largest of law practices and that is priced accordingly.

You can learn a lot more about all of this by visiting

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